I have always unequivocally loved sub sandwiches better than any other food. I’ve had perfectly cooked ribeye steaks, lobster tails, and everything else that the best food city in the world, Chicago has to offer. Despite having every possible option at my fingertips, I always return to the sub sandwich.

I’ve tried them all. The mom and pops, the here for fifteen minutes, and every possible chain. I want to concentrate on chain sub restaurants. I’ll post my favorite mom and pop sub in a future blog. For a while, my chain sub of choice was Jimmy Johns who just recently added giant subs to their menu, my compliments.

The Gargantuan at Jimmy Johns was a sandwich that I didn’t think would ever lose its reign as king of chain subs, that was until it met another that was superior, the Jersey Mike’s giant club supreme. Not since the Mountain on Game of Thrones crushed the head of Prince Oberyn had I been in such shock seeing an exquisite champion taste, it’s first defeat.

The giant club supreme is by all accounts the perfect sandwich. Boars head Turkey, Roast Beef, and Swiss (I call an audible and switch the swiss for provolone). The sandwich is then generously covered with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil blend, red wine vinegar, and spices. I add mayo and banana peppers to this monstrosity. When you think it’s over, YOU’RE WRONG! They still need to add the bacon.

Slob Blog is proud to name the Jersey Mike’s giant club supreme, the best sub in Chicago (chain).


1. To take this sandwich to the next level, adding extra mayo is essential. Not only does it hold this colossal sandwich together, but it is some of the most delicious mayo on the market.

2. When the person making the sandwich is about to put the bacon on, it’s important to make small talk. The hope is that he/she will be distracted and will put on more than the allotted four pieces of bacon on your sandwich. My charm has earned me as many as eight slices of bacon in the past. It’s a war out there. Use anything you can to your advantage. If they are wearing a Harry Potter shirt, for the next thirty seconds, you better be talking about Lord Voldemort.

3. Do not go anywhere that isn’t close to a bathroom after eating the giant club supreme. This thing is like pouring concrete into your stomach. Ordinary people would have trouble eating half of this freak of a sandwich. If you eat the whole thing, be ready to spend that night and the next morning putting your squatty potty to use.


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  1. Always went jimmy johns and cause of you I finally tried the Gargantuan, great call!! I’ll never doubt you again.

  2. My feet are on my Squatty Potty as I’m reading this and I have to say Jersey Mike’s is an inferior product it is a step up from Arby’s and a step below Firehouse Subs

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