I’m sure you have tried many chicken sandwiches throughout your lifetime. No matter what the menu option is, I always defer to the burger. The chicken sandwich up until now could not hold up.

Anytime I order a chicken sandwich; instantly I’m filled with regret. ”Why didn’t I just order the burger?” It ruins my day, and you better believe the next day, I’m ordering a burger. Burger King currently has an option of getting two sandwiches for six dollars. There are two chicken sandwich options, and the other is a Whopper. I would put any money on the Whopper outselling both chicken sandwiches combined.

The chicken sandwich has always been the ugly sister/brother. You’re of course(?) very happy in your relationship, but still, have that feeling of regret and what-if when that superior sibling is around.
Up until now, the preceding have always been my thoughts on the chicken sandwich. Let me tell you; I was wrong all of this time. And this is not an ugly duckling situation. This realization is a case of me not knowing what was there the whole time.

Thank you Fry the Coop! Thank you for opening my eyes. Your chicken sandwich is one of the most fabulous food items I’ve eaten period. The picture of your delicious chicken and cheese Nashville hot sandwich is the header on my website. Fry the Coop is a place that I heard about, but because of my bias, it took me a while to give it a chance. I loved it so much that I returned the next day. Fry the Coop is doing for chicken sandwiches the same thing that Aucheval has done for burgers.

I’ve had Nashville hot chicken many times in the past, but Fry the Coop is at a new level. Chicken Sandwiches up until now were like the Chicago Bulls before Michael Jordan fell into their lap. The team was never much to talk about, and then instantly MJ took the game and franchise to a new, previously unattainable level.

I am born and raised in Chicago, and I am telling you that Fry the Coop is the Michael Jordan of chicken sandwiches. I won’t bore you with the details, but they use the best of the best ingredients. The original location is in Oak Lawn, and they just announced a new location is coming to Elmhurst (I know. Why Elmhurst? But good for you Elmhurst). I can say without a doubt that Fry the Coop has the best chicken sandwich in Chicago, my compliments.

1. Get an extra cup of sauce to both pour on the sandwich and as a dipping sauce for your fries.
2. Their hottest sauce is very hot. Start out slow and work your way up.
3. They also have chicken and waffles. You can not go wrong with chicken and waffles.


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